Welcome to the USS Crockett
San Antonio, TX
Mariann Hemeyer
Commanding Officer of the USS Crockett

Greetings, my name is Mariann Hemeyer, the Commanding Officer of the USS Crockett and I would like to thank you for considering becoming a member of our Ship. We are proud of our small ship that is a part of Starfleet International, a worldwide Star Trek Fan organization (www.sfi.org). and at the same time, we lend a helping hand to local San Antonio area community service events such as the “Elf Louise Project”.
We gather in friendship regardless of your preference in the Sci-Fi world and our meetings are open to all interested parties. Currently they are being held every second Saturday of the month at 3:00pm at the Summer Moon Coffee Bar at 3233 North St. Mary’s (corner of North St. Mary’s and US 281) in San Antonio, Texas.

HISTORY of the USS Crockett

We were founded in September of 2011 and by November 12th, we decided to become a part of Starfleet International as a Nitcher Dreadnought Class ship (the first one in Region 3) to be known as the USS Crockett / NCC-21040 with the motto: “Dread Nought on Us”. In January of 2012, we held our first elections for the CO & XO and in February of 2012, we entered the Starfleet Shuttle Program which we completed and were officially commissioned on November 17, 2012.    
You can find us on Facebook under USS Crockett / NCC-21040 as well as on Twitter and on our website – www.usscrockett.com or via Email at usscrockett.gmail.com.

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